Polly Krueger Award

The measure of a university's distinction and influence depends greatly upon the achievements of its alumni and the position they earn for themselves in their respective communities and fields of endeavor. To recognize these outstanding leaders in our area, the San Antonio A&M Club has established the C.C. "Polly" Krueger Award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor San Antonio A&M Club members who have made significant contributions to our community and whose accomplishments and careers have brought credit to Texas A&M University. In addition to honoring these members, the award spotlights their achievements and thereby increases public awareness of the many distinguished local A&M men and women.

In establishing the award, it is recognized that these awards are given for excellence of service in the community, the San Antonio A&M Club, and Texas A&M University, and that no compromise diminishing the significance of the awards will be made. 

Who is Polly Krueger?

Carl C. "Polly" Krueger '12 was the founding President of the San Antonio A&M Club. Krueger served on the Board of Directors of the A&M College of Texas System, and was the fourth President of the Association of Former Students. He was very active in civic affairs, serving the Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association as an officer and director. Krueger is also a Distinguished Alumni.

Krueger received a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in 1912. He was President of San Antonio Machine and Supply Co. from 1923 until his retirement in 1961. The company developed annual sales of $1 million to $18 million under his 38 years of leadership. 
"For many years, I have wanted to do something of lasting benefit for A&M, its students and staff. As a 1912 graduate, I am grateful for all the college did for me in preparing me for what I hope has been and will continue to be a useful life."

Polly Krueger Award Recipients

H.B. “Pat” Zachry ’22 - 1977

Thomas A. Murrah ’38 - 1979

James H. “Jim” Uptmore ’53 - 1981      

Cosmo F. Guido ’44 - 1982

M.B. “Doc” Killian ’26 (Posthumously) -1983

Willard E. Simpson, Jr. ’38 - 1983

Richard “Buck” Weirus ’42 - 1984

Raymond E. Stotzer, Jr. ‘46 - 1985

Chester A. Slimp, Jr.  ’38 - 1993

Charles R.”Chili” McClintick ’40 - 1994

Oscar W. Schuchart ’43 - 2001

Jennings Anderson ’45 - 2002

LC “Chaz” Neely, Jr. ’62 - 2008

David Wolf '52 - 2015

Raul B. Fenandez '59 - 2015
Jerry Boles '71 - 2016

Hayden Grona '57 (Posthumously) - 2016