Aggie Muster at Aggie Park

Please join us at Aggie Park for Muster on Friday, April 21st as we remember and celebrate the lives of Aggies who have passed away in the past year. Doors will open at 6:00pm and Muster will begin at 7:00pm. After the Ceremony please stay and enjoy Aggie fellowship over complimentary food and beverages. As always there is no cost to attend but donations are welcome.
We hope to see you there.

willhurdSpeaker: Congressman Will Hurd

Will Hurd is the U.S. Representative for Texas's 23rd congressional district, an entity which stretches eight hundred miles, from San Antonio to El Paso, along the U.S.- Mexican border. He took office on January 3, 2015. Hurd is the first black Republican elected to Congress from Texas. He is a graduate of John Marshall High School in the San Antonio suburb of Leon Valley. After high school Hurd attended Texas A&M University in College Station and served as the Student Body President in 1999 at the time of the Aggie Bonfire collapse. He graduated from A&M in 2000 with a degree in computer science and a minor in international relations.

"If there is an Aggie in one-hundred miles of you, you are expected to get together, eat a little, and live over the days you spent at the A&M College of Texas."

Aggie Muster is a time-honored tradition at Texas A&M University which celebrates the camaraderie of the school while remembering the lives of Aggies who have died, specifically those in the past year. Muster officially began on April 21, 1922 as a day for remembrance of fellow Aggies. Muster ceremonies today take place in approximately 320 locations globally. The largest muster ceremony occurs in Reed Arena, on the Texas A&M campus.

The “Roll Call for the Absent” commemorates Aggies, alumni and current students, who died that year. Aggies light candles, and friends and families of Aggies who died that year answer “here” when the name of their loved one is “called”. Campus muster also serves as a 50th year class reunion for the corresponding graduating class. Some non-campus muster ceremonies do not include the pageantry of the campus ceremony, and might consist simply of a barbecue.

Roll Call for the Absent

Mr. C A Austin '47

Mr. Jackson Barnes '67

Mr. David Biediger '81

Mr. Duffy Bowen '70

Mr. John Brinkmann '84

Mr. Jerry Brite '70

Mr. Michael Britton '64

Mrs. Kathleen Brown '67

LTC Albert Burnett '45

Mr. David Casares, Jr '66

Ms. Ruby Cheaney

Mr. Harold Classen '54

Mrs. Dorothy Closner

MAJ Robert Daniels '70

Mr. Coleman Darnell '46

Mr. Chris Dausin '93

Mr. Hubert Davis '51

Mr. Manuel Del Llano '60

Mr. Eugene Duke '52

Dr. James Duke '49

Philo "Buddy" DuVal, Jr. '51

Mr. Brian Elbel '76

MAJ Sam Eng '45

Dr. Ruben Flores '86

Ms. Norma Gonzalez '81

Ms. Trina Gregory '08

Mr. Carl Hallenberger '93

Mr. Friedrich Hanau-Schaumburg '60

Mr. Ray Hartsfield '59

Mr. Steven Hawkins '71

Mr. Michael Hennessey '76

Mr. Harold Hildebrand '59

COL John Hilliard '64

Mr. James Hinson '83

Mr. Paul Hoffmann '90

COL Malcolm Hollingsworth '60

Dr. William Howells '47

Mr. Stuart Hutson '00

Mr. Alexander Jones '18

Mr. Claude Jones '63

LTC Jay Jones '89

Mr. Forrest Jordan '39

COL William Klaerner '54

Mr. Michael Kloppe '67

Dr. John Koiner '92

Mr. Trevor Krisch '93

Ms. Courtney Bax Lasater '02

Mr. Marvin Lebman '48

LTC Shewsun Lew '55

Mr. Frank Litterst '43

Mr. Richard Lockhart '53

Mrs. Joanne Makar '54

Dr. Warren Mathey '86

Mr. Orville Maze '82

Mr. John Michalski '47

Mr. Herbert Mills '51

Ms. Patti Moore '75

Mr. Julio Moreno '50

Mr. Louis Nelson, II '57

Mr. Arthur Newman '45

Mr. Donald Ocker '63

COL Joseph O'Leary '42

Mr. Gerald Olivier '75

Mr. Dimitri Pappas '58

Dr. Carter Price '54

Mr. Raymundo Rendon '74

Mr. Donald Richter '46

COL George Rodgers '50

Dr. Matthew Rowan '04

Ms. Michele Rymal '83

Mr. John Schaefer '52

Mr. Joe Schero '55

Dr. Kervin Sellers '74

Dr. Cynthia Shade '93

Ms. Callie Sisk '17

Mr. Cade Skinner '02

Mr. Horace Spiller '63

Mr. James Steger '07

Mr. Fred Sumner '43

Mr. William Thrift '42

Ms. Maria Valadez '91

Mr. James "Nardie" Vine '66

Mr. Thurman Wathen '46

Mr. James Weyman '51

Dr. Calvin Gary White '88

COL Jere Whittington '46

Mr. Elton Wilkerson '57

Mr. Timothy Word '50

Dr. Ralph Ziegler '63