Give Blood.

Score A Burger & A Movie!

The San Antonio A&M Club has partnered with the South Texas Blood &
Tissue Center and will be hosting a Blood Drive!

What: Whole Blood and Platelet Blood Drive


When: Monday, July 29th | 11am-7pm
*Will coincide with Monday Lunch and Steak & Game Night*

Where: Aggie Park | 6205 West Ave.

Who: Anyone! It is open to the public.


The Blood Donation Process:

  1. You will be asked to present a form of picture ID.
  2. Next up is completion of a health history questionnaire concerning your medical history, lifestyle and risk of exposure to infectious agents. Your answers to these questions will help us determine whether or not you are an eligible donor.  You can answer these questions online the morning of to save time. 
  3. If you meet the requirements for donating blood, you will then go through a screening process. At this time a technician will take important vital signs, such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure and iron-level check.
  4. After you have passed the screening and medical exam, a technician directs you to the donor area where you sit in a comfortable position and proceed with donation. A technician will swab your arm inside the elbow (to prevent infection) and insert a needle into a vein. New, sterile equipment (needle, bag, tubing, etc.) is used for each donor.
  5. After the donation, the needle is removed and a sterile bandage is put on your arm. You can then enjoy some refreshments. 

Whole Blood Donation:

Estimated Total Time: 38 minutes total (of that, 10 minutes to give blood)

*Only 20 minutes total if answered screening questions online*

Platelet Donation:

Estimated Total Time: 2 - 2.5 hours



The first 100 donors will receive an "I Bleed Maroon" T-Shirt (see image below).
And all donors will receive a Whataburger free burger coupon and movie pass.

Click here for more information on the Health Benefits of Giving Blood.

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I Bleed Maroon T-Shirts


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