Monday Lunch: February 10, 2020

Lunch Program: Fireside Chat with Graham Weston '86 - CEO of Weston Ventures, Inc., and Lorenzo Gomez III - Former CEO of Geekdom & Co-Founder of The 80/20 Foundation.

graham-westonAbout Graham

Graham Weston is the former Chairman of Rackspace Hosting, Inc.  Back in 1998, he provided seed capital to start Rackspace. The three founders (Richard Yoo, Dirk Elmendorf and Pat Condon) had an idea to make it much easier to host complex websites. That idea evolved into what is known today as managed hosting.

Six months after investing in Rackspace, he put his real estate business on hold to act as CEO until 2006. While CEO, Rackspace grew from 12 to 1200 Rackers (employees) and from $1m to $200m in annualized revenue. Lanham Napier (president since 2000) became CEO in 2006.

His personal mission is to create constructive environments for start-ups and entrepreneurs to flourish in the San Antonio area. He focuses on collaboration with a number of businesses, individuals and organizations in the city to make the investments today that will make a better city for everyone, tomorrow.

He's drawn to big, transformative ideas. It’s the reason he helped found Rackspace, Geekdom, and the 80/20 foundation. He's passionate about issues of entrepreneurship; specifically, how cities can build and maintain fertile environments for young entrepreneurs to learn the skills they need to create the next wave of innovation.

lorenzo-gomezAbout Lorenzo

Lorenzo Gomez III has served as CEO of Geekdom, Texas’ largest coworking space, and is cofounder of The 80/20 Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to investing in the future of San Antonio.

Despite having little college experience, he used valuable lessons from his entry-level jobs to catapult himself into high-impact positions. At the managed-cloud provider, Rackspace, he worked closely with co-founder Graham Weston.

Prior to 2017, Lorenzo was tasked with converting a dying downtown sector into an attractive tech district. He recruited startups, evaluated competitive coworking spaces, convinced civic and government leaders to support tech companies considering relocation and asked academic institutions to supply talent. The goal of this work was to establish and develop a tech district in the heart of San Antonio, one that did not exist yet.

Lorenzo’s driving passion is his love for his city, San Antonio, Texas. It is truly a city on the rise. His goal is to enable others to see the vision and help advance the seventh largest city in the United States into a world-class center for startups, especially in the tech industry.

Toward that end, Lorenzo collaborates with a network of professionals to fortify growth of the tech district in downtown San Antonio. He is a cofounder of Techbloc and serves as board member, advisor, and mentor for a variety of local and national tech and entrepreneurial endeavors.


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Lunch Menu:
Pulled Pork, Sides and Salad bar. Catered by Circle G BBQ.
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$15 - Regular Price


  • Doors open - 11:00am
  • Lunch Buffet - 11:30am
  • Program - 12:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Aggie Park, 6205 West Ave. San Antonio TX 78213