Please join us ONLINE for Muster on Tuesday, April 21st at 6:00pm as we remember and celebrate the lives of Aggies who have passed away in the last year. To ensure the safety of our honored families, students, and community, we ask that you join us in celebration from your own home - Muster can truly be celebrated anywhere.


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andrea-abatSpeaker: Andrea Abat '89

Senior Special Agent

US Environmental Protection Agency

Houston, TX

Since graduating and commissioning from Texas A&M in 1989 (“whoop!”), Andrea has worked to use skills she learned on and off the Quad to successfully lead others as an Army Officer, Environmental Project Manager and since 1997, as a Criminal Investigator.

As a Senior Special Agent with the USEPA-Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training, Andrea has: conducted and led complex criminal investigations; efficiently and safely identified and collected hazardous evidence to be used at trial; coordinated law enforcement response efforts during national incidents and provided ICS, hazmat, officer health & safety, crime scene processing and environmental crimes training programs nationally and internationally.

Andrea was a founding member and Team Leader for evidence response and tactical deployments, pre-deployments and trainings for the USEPA-National Criminal Enforcement Response Team (NCERT). Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Andrea led teams in such events as the Amerithrax investigation in Washington D.C.; the coordination and management of USEPA force protection support following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; and crime scene forensic support efforts across the US from the southern states to the north slope of Alaska.

Previously, she was a contract USEPA Project Manager at emergency scenes and Superfund sites, and prior to this, was a Platoon Leader in the US Army, 649th EN BN, Heidelberg, Germany. She earned a BS in Building Construction from Texas A&M in 1989 (“whoop!”).

The 2020 Muster Roll Call list has been finalized. 
If you were unable to add your loved one before the Roll Call deadline this year,
we ask that you call their name during a time made available in the filming at the
end of the Roll Call and answer "Here".


For the immediate family members of the fallen, a special package will be made available at Aggie Park for your memorial, after the Muster Ceremony is concluded. The memorial will include: a candle that was lit in honor of your family member, a printed copy of our Muster Program, and a card from the Board of Directors.

2020 Muster Roll Call
(Please note the list is not in alphabetical order due to special circumstances in the recording of the Roll Call)

Mr. Samuel Amspoker '52
Mr. Morris Bankler '45
Mr. Arthur Barclay '61

Mr. Robert Beal '58

Ms. Andrea Berg '84

Mr. George Berry '68

LTC Robert Biskup '58

Mr. William Blake '86

Mr. Vergil Bohac '50

Mr. Donald Braune '57

Ms. Janice Brister '78

Mr. Harry Brown '57

Mr. Michael Burkett '72

Mr. Max Cook '55

Mr. David Dodier '72

Dr. Rodney "Ronnie" Guy Lee '65

Mr. Sandy Bate '74

Mr. Byron Van Den Berghe '81

Mr. Edward Cooney '47

Mr. Clyde Tew Sr. '59

Mr. D.R. Rusty Crowley Jr '54

Ms. Sandra Eubank '80

Mr. Juan Garza '56

Ms. Arrenia Haupt Ellis '68

Mr. J. R. "Rhett" Rushing '85

Mr. Bythel Oney '58

CPT Kenneth Ladensohn '44

Mr. Roel Prado '21

Mr. John Cozad '81

Lt.Col. James Denard '56

COL James Dupree '32

LTC Joe Ecrette '52

Mr. Ronald Emery '73

Mr. Reynaldo Espinosa '76

Mr. Donald Friedrich '57

Mr. Gregory Garcia '62

Mr. Carlos Gomez '74

Mr. Reagan Greer '79

Mr. Timothy Griesenbeck '73

Mr. Cosmo Guido '44

Mr. John Hamilton '88

MAJ Joseph Harmon '02

Dr. Leo Holbrook '44

Mr. Martin Jarzombek '86

Mr. George Jay '48

Mr. Frank Jones '67

Mr. James Kostelnik '47

Mr. Russell Large '69

Mr. Joe Leeper '60

Mr. Erik Medina '22

LTC Bruce Miller '52

Mr. Steven Miller '75

Mr. Robert Mitchell '46

Mr. Tom Morris '33

Mr. Shell Newman '38

Lt.Col. John Pennycook '86

Mr. Jerry Pyle '55

COL Robert Radcliffe '77

Mr. David Reitz '72

Mr. Margarito Reyes '56

Mr. Sam Rhodes '62

Mr. Johnny Rob '93

Mr. Eugene Robbins '50

Mr. Oscar Saenz '61

Mr. Carl Schreiner '61

Mr. Delmer Sikes '52

Mr. Barry Smith '13

Mr. Larry Smithwick '76

Mr. Herbert Stoner '59

Mr. Paul Stutz  '20

Mr. Marvin Sueltenfuss '46

COL James Thomas '53

Mr. Bruce Welch '75

Mr. Michael Wells '96

Ms. Rose Wells '98

Mr. James Willingham '42

Mr. Samuel Wilson '49

Mr. Manuel Rivas '77

Mr. John Schuchardt '88

COL Glenn Starnes '81

Mr. Jesus Vichareli '59

Dr. Alicia Wills '78

Mr. David "Woody" Woodruff '79

Dr. Robert Young '50

Worldwide Muster Roll Call
MAJ Harvey Harrell Storms '39
Dr. William Hodges Mobley
Dr. John Jay Koldus III