To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the San Antonio A&M Club, we are compiling as many memories and stories that we can from Aggies, family, and friends to share the impact of our Club!


We ask that you share your favorite memory with us from your time with the San Antonio A&M Club. If the memory is from a time you spent at Aggie Park, even better! But overall we want to hear about our Club's impact, so that could be at an event we hosted at another venue.

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In the Beginning...

"The first function held in the original building was the New Year's Eve Party - December 31st of 1953, to issue in 1954. That was the unofficial opening.  It was neat because you didn’t have to have air conditioning in the winter. You could light a fire in the fire place.  They had some space heaters they could turn on if it got real cold, but you didn’t have to after you put that many people in here and started doing the boogie-woogie! It heated up in a hurry!"

- David Wolf '52

On Monday Lunch

"So as soon as I retired I came running to Aggie Park and have been there ever since.  When I have to make a doctor’s appointment or something they say, 'What’s a good day for you?' And I say 'Anything but Monday, and in football season, anything but Monday or Friday!'  So that’s the way I got started at Aggie Park!  And of course, you know how it is at Aggie Park, your with buddies and you want to be there! [...] There were about 6-8 of us, that normally get there early and we have our Bull session there.  We solve all the problems of the world and of the football teams and of everything else.  Just a real BS session!" (Previously recorded by StoryKeeping)

- George Sommerville '42

Aggie Sweethearts

"My husband and I met through one of the San Antonio A&M Club events! I was going to the Young Aggie Rodeo event with my brother (Class of 2014), and that's where I met Kyle '09. We talked through most of the concert! Fast forward through countless game watches, Steak and Game Nights, Happy Hours, tailgates, and over three years later, we're playing the Aggie War Hymn at our wedding. We're thankful for all the events the San Antonio A&M Club organizes, especially the one which brought us together! Whoop! 

- Hannah Palmer '12