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Testimonial From Last Year's Winner:

I was lucky enough to win the Nilgai hunt raffle last year from the San Antonio A&M Club last year. My husband and I went on our hunt in January 2020. We had an amazing time with the other hunters and the Wildlife Systems staff. Shortly after being briefed on safety and what to expect from our hunts, we headed out to the ranch with our guides. My guide, Mike was knowledgeable and quickly got me a great older Nilgai bull. Nilgai hunts are notoriously tough due to their great eye sight but with Mike’s help and guidance I was able to get my Nilgai on the first night there! My husband and I enjoyed the entire trip, from the service and food, to just being out at the ranch and seeing the wildlife. It will definitely be a hunt I will never forget and we still have a lot of meat left in the freezer. I hope to be able to go on another Nilgai hunt again in the future. Thanks again to the staff of Aggie Park and Wildlife Systems for such an amazing raffle opportunity. - Analee Guerra