MONDAY LUNCH: March 1, 2021Lunch Program: Bob Shemwell '82 & Michael Rey '99 - Aggie Architects for
the Bonfire Memorial 

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Due to COVID-19, we are limiting in-person attendace at Aggie Park for Monday Lunch.
Social distancing is in effect and a face mask is required






Speakers: Bob Shemwell '82 & Michael Rey '99

Bob Shemwell

Principal and leading practitioner of sustainable design, Bob Shemwell is inspired by problem-seeking, problem-solving, and innovation that span scales and geographic boundaries—from a house in Mexico City to an 85-square-kilometer urban design project in China. He examines the complexity of circumstances and relates them to their broader context, drawing from a diverse knowledge base that includes philosophy, history, and economics, in addition to architecture. For him, it is equally critical to learn from classical thinkers like Demosthenes or Heraclitus to understand the way the world works, how people interact, and how these elements come together to create the human condition.

Bob believes the key to success is to “fail well, learn quickly” and attributes many of Overland’s achievements to this idea. Fostering a creative culture where “failure” is not only accepted it’s embraced  creates the opportunity for people to experiment and innovate within a protected environment—to push the envelope, challenge themselves, and try new things.

In his spare time, Bob is always on the search for the latest cutting-edge technology to better communicate his ideas and streamline the creative process.

Michael Rey

Michael Rey, in his role as both Senior Principal and VP of Operations, leads through crafting clear pathways for those around him to solve problems. He is a skilled designer, architect, and systems thinker, finding inspiration in learning from others and discovering each individual’s unique gifts and different ways of thinking. He believes that caring for others is the greatest tool one can possess and that any situation should be approached with an open mind and heart. These same principles are applied to his practice of architecture, and he has learned in his work that optimal design solutions can be achieved through many different paths. Because of this, Michael understands that a strong design practice requires a process that’s flexible enough to accommodate different working methods. For instance, large-scale community based design, stakeholder kickoff charrettes, or intimate working sessions are amongst the many formats he might leverage to develop each design with clients.

Leading the studio in his role as VP of Operations, Michael strategically aligns projects and people. He leads the four distinct areas of our operation and ensures that everyone in the studio has a firm foundational knowledge in design, technical development of the design, and the soft skills to manage a project well. Michael is an expert in each phase of a project’s development and a champion for our comprehensive design process. He demands a consistently high level of quality across the studio and is deeply committed to our core values. Working mainly in the public realm, Michael focuses on Institutional, Civic, Urban Design, and Commercial work.

Michael has taught in both the Architectural and Construction Science Management programs at The University of Texas at San Antonio. He can often be found sitting on a design review panel and is part of the department chair’s architectural council as well as the dean’s council. He is passionate about educating our youth in the community and participates in multiple organizations all aimed at raising children’s spirits and aspirations in life.


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