Young Aggies Big Bend National Park Trip

April 28, 2022 - May 1, 2022

Join the Young Aggies for a special trip to Big Bend National Park!

We will stay in Alpine, Texas (5 hrs 30 min away from SA) on Thursday, leaving town between 4:30pm & 5:00pm. Since check-in at the campsite is at 1:00pm on Friday, we spend the morning picking up food for camp from the store and visiting Terlingua (about halfway between Alpine and campsite). We could get to campsite between 1pm - 2pm. Set up tents and be on a trail by 5/6. Get back to camp for dinner around 7:30/8pm. For Saturday - breakfast, hiking, lunch on the trails, hiking, large dinner, campfire & smores. On Sunday - pack up and on the road to SA between 10am - 11am, stop for breakfast/lunch in marathon (2 hours away from campsite), drive back to SA - try to get back to town between 7pm - 8pm

Hotel reservation set for Alpine, TX on April 28th. Tickets are $65 each and include hotel stay, campsite, and food for camping. Everyone buys there own food Thursday night & Friday morning on the road to get there and then brunch/lunch Sunday on our way home to San Antonio.


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