It’s that time of year again; November is here and that means the Annual Wurstfest Celebration is upon us. Grab your lederhosen because the Young Aggies will be headed out to New Braunfels
Saturday, November 5th to enjoy the festivities. 
FOOD and DRINK: The backbone to any Bavarian celebration! Food and drinks are sold throughout the grounds. Visitors are prohibited from bringing food and beverages onto the festival grounds. This includes, but is not limited to beer, wine and distilled spirits. Beer sales require tickets, but food vendors will accept cash. ATMs are available throughout the grounds
Please note that Credit/Debit Cards are accepted on a limited basis. Admission and drink ticket sales are by cash only.
PROPER ATTIRE: Shirts and shoes are required attire for festival patrons. Dirndls, lederhosen and silly hats are encouraged. Smiles required.
RAIN: Wurstfest continues rain or shine, and no rain dates are scheduled.
For more information about Wurstfest: