Order your 2024 San Antonio A&M Club Fiesta medal featuring

our beloved Reveille!

Proceeds Benefit the San Antonio A&M Club Foundation

Purchase of the 2024 San Antonio A&M Club Fiesta Medal helps us provide a meal to members of the Corps of Cadets participating in the Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade. This annual "Feed the Band" event feeds members of the Ross Volunteer Company and Fish Drill Team, along with the Aggie Band. We will host lunch for this year’s Corps contingent (500+ strong) at Aggie Park following the parade. 

The Club also provides breakfast to members of Parsons Mounted Cavalry prior to the start of the parade.




Medals are Available for Pick-up or Shipping


Shipping & handling rates by quantity ordered:

$6 for  1-4 medals

$7 for 5-8 medals

$10 for 9-12 medals 

Pick-up from Aggie Park is highly recommended,

so remember to call ahead and schedule your pick-up.


We have a limited supply, so order early!

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Aggie Park office hours Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.