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The San Antonio A&M Club Foundation exists to promote fellowship among former students, current students, and friends of Texas A&M, to spread the Aggie Spirit across the Greater San Antonio Area, and to provide scholarships to Bexar County students attending Texas A&M University.

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Bexar County Monthly Silver Taps

Updated Weekly on Monday. 

Name Date of Passing

Date Notified

Mr. Felix Fisher '98 3/15/2024 3/25/2024
Mr. Gary Lilly '60 3/23/2024 3/25/2024
Mr. Collie Williams '77 2/23/2024 3/20/2024
Mr. Eddie Ward '63 1/27/2023 3/20/2024
Mr. Ronald Clark '68 5/6/2023 3/18/2024
Reverend C. Crabtree '60 8/20/2023 3/16/2024
Mr. Frank Torres '08 1/15/2024 3/13/2024
Mr. John Means '74 2/14/2024 3/7/2024

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