About Aggie Park

In 1946, Aggie Park was established as the home of the San Antonio A&M Club. 

This facility is one of a kind.  No other alumni club anywhere has a facility as unique as Aggie Park.  When the San Antonio A&M Club was granted an original charter by the Texas Secretary of State in 1946, 3.3 acres of land on the outskirts of San Antonio, next to Olmos Creek, was purchased from Henry Wier's dairy by 10 men who personally bankrolled that far sighted vision.  It was a place where Aggies could meet with friends and family to share the traditions of Texas A&M. During Muster, April 21, 1954, the San Antonio A&M Club dedicated Aggie Park to the memory of all Aggies who had given their life in protecting our country...Read more history

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