Mission Maroon

Build Excellence in Bexar, One Aggie at a Time.

In the heart of Bexar County, Aggie Park holds the whispers of countless Aggie legacies. Join Mission Maroon and become part of a narrative that transcends generations to come. Your contribution isn't just support; it's a pledge to preserve the cherished spirit of Aggieland in San Antonio. Join us and give today!



The Campaign:

Mission Maroon is designed to elevate The San Antonio A&M Club Foundation and transform Aggie Park into a vibrant community hub. Mission Maroon anticipates the wholehearted involvement of every Club member and Aggie-owned business in Bexar County, aiming for a 100% participation rate. Will you support us? 



The 3 Campaign Objectives:

The Mission Maroon campaign aims to support three initiatives:

  1. Create a co-working space to unify all Aggie affinity clubs in Bexar County to call Aggie Park their home.
  2. Grow funds to support student scholarships and efficient operations at Aggie Park.
  3. Cultivate programs to strengthen and spread the Aggie Spirit throughout Bexar County.


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