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Battle of Flowers® Parade

The Event

The Battle of Flowers® Parade is the founding event of Fiesta® San Antonio. Attracting crowds of more than 550,000, this parade features Texas A&M with the participation of our beloved Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, Parsons Mounted Cavalry, Ross Volunteer Company, and Fish Drill Team. WHOOP!


The San Antonio A&M Club has traditionally provided a meal and refreshments to the cadets following the parade as part of our Club's annual "Feed the Band" event. We will feed this year’s Corps contingent (500+ strong) at Aggie Park following the parade.


Your assistance and help to accomplish this awesome event in support of Texas A&M, The Corps of Cadets, and the San Antonio A&M Club is greatly needed. You may sign up to volunteer using the link provided in the event details section. Our apologizes in advance, lunch will only be provided for the cadets, not volunteers. 


Donations of any amount to support and defray the cost of putting on this event are welcomed and appreciated. 


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Let's feed our Cadets! 


April 26, 2024


Vanguard Starts at 9:55 AM

Parade Begins at 10:30 AM

Volunteers Needed at 11:30 AM

Lunch Concludes at 2:30 PM


Aggie Park

6205 West Ave.

San Antonio, TX 78213


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